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Advanced personalization and curation to enhance music streaming experiences

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The music industry is still in flux.

It continues to face shifting consumer habits and demands. Physical sales may outpace digital sales in a few remaining markets in Europe and North America,1 but traditional models of music ownership are giving way to the fast-growing model of music access. Digital music services in the U.S., with only about 4 percent market penetration,2 have yet to fully recognize their growth potential. Opportunities abound for music companies worldwide.

1 IFPE Digital Music Report, 2015
2 SNL Kagan – Economics of Mobile Music – 2015 Edition

Rovi enhances music streaming services and online radio outlets.

We help companies in the digital music ecosystem differentiate subscriber experiences to drive usage and loyalty. By offering a unified suite of metadata, personalized search, recommendations and natural-language conversation services ­— all powered by the dynamic Rovi Knowledge Graph engine — we make it simpler for users to find content, whether by tailored recommendations or advanced playlisting curation capabilities designed to satisfy all types of users.


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Provide a truly personalized audio experience.

Offer deep and extensive information about music and performers/celebrities with Rovi metadata; help subscribers navigate content on your service or platform with predictive and natural-language conversation search; encourage consumption and greater user satisfaction with personalized recommendations. We are the only provider to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end metadata and discovery platform. 


Explore modular components.

Rovi’s music ecosystem solutions are built on our flexible discovery technologies, products and services, which can be combined in countless ways to achieve your specific goals. Components include:

  • Rovi Search – predictive, universal search yielding highly relevant results
  • Rovi Recommendations – dynamic, personalized entertainment suggestions based on personal and situational factors, popularity, events and more
  • Rovi Conversation – end-to-end, voice-based guidance allowing users to find content by speaking naturally
  • Rovi Music – broad metadata coverage of millions of albums and tracks, from pop to classical and everything in between

Discover benefits that meet business and consumer needs.

The benefits of our music ecosystem solutions include: 

  • Enhanced search with a deep understanding of human behavior that produces relevant results faster through natural interaction.
  • The power of the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine to improve and differentiate experiences.
  • Personalization options that combine implicit and explicit user behavior to tailor recommendations and playlists by profile.
  • A combination of algorithmically-driven playlists and recommendations generated by Rovi’s APIs and hand-curated playlists and recommendations created by operators.
  • A modular platform with a variety of solutions to meet diverse user needs.


Experience the Rovi difference.

With decades of experience shaping, designing and managing entertainment discovery, plus its patented technologies, Rovi is uniquely positioned to help you differentiate your music products and services. We provide robust and expandable personalization capabilities, including differentiated recommendations powered by a proprietary blend of algorithms. Our solutions are built by an unparalleled team of experts and provide the foundation for delivering engaging user experiences with advanced search, recommendations, metadata and natural-language conversation services.