Connecting users to personalized content in the fewest possible steps.

Universal search across platforms and devices

As the choices for entertainment content and devices continue to expand, consumers need tools for finding, sorting, selecting and navigating their available options. Fan TV Search lets service providers, device manufacturers and developers facilitate content navigation with universal, personalized search across video-on-demand, linear, DVR and over-the-top sources.


Truly personalized results

Fan TV Search allows consumers to perform common queries, like program or movie titles, band or album names, track titles and actor/artist names. It can provide results based on users’ implicit and explicit actions, including:

  • what they watched
  • when they watched it
  • for how long and on which particular device
  • content they rated or liked/disliked
  • DVR activity 
  • social media activity

As a result, each user will see results based on past activity in addition to simple text matches, making the search experience even more relevant. 

A search experience that understands human nature

Fan TV Search uses a deep understanding of the way people make queries to produce relevant results faster via natural interaction. It supports acronyms, abbreviations and misspellings, returns incremental results as users type search terms, and understands abstract concepts and connections beyond typical data types. Search results can be generated traditionally or through natural conversation for the ultimate discovery experience. Our voice recognition technology can understand complex queries and support context-switching, pronoun use, follow-up questions, negation and ambiguous language. 


Built on the industry’s most robust entertainment Knowledge Graph engine

Fan TV Search is powered by our comprehensive, enhanced entertainment metadata and built on the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, a dynamic knowledge base of entertainment metadata capable of understanding trends and conversations. By combining powerful search algorithms, quality reviews by media analysts and extensive catalogs of entertainment metadata, Fan TV Search provides a seamless discovery experience across platforms and devices.


  • Offer and personalize entertainment search results utilizing actual usage data and knowledge of what is trending in the real world. 
  • Enable predictive search suggestions and human understanding (abbreviation recognition, misspelling correction, shortened terms) in real time as users type terms into search boxes, and sort results in a variety of ways.
  • Employ faceted search so users can browse movies and TV content, filtering by standard criteria (release date, genre, mood), abstract concepts and non-standard terms.
  • Define business rules such as the ability to return only items available in a specific catalog, and return search results using content popularity or release date.
  • Optionally optimize results for specific geographic markets based on local popularity and relevance.
  • Maintain performance during peak usage with Rovi’s scalable cloud architecture.
  • Benefit from Rovi’s Knowledge Graph, a true differentiator containing dynamic metadata on 100 million semantic entities and their connections. The Knowledge Graph yields highly accurate results, even when confronted with ambiguous, indirect terms. 

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