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A complicated new normal

Hundreds of channels. Dozens of services. Multiple screens. New services that help consumers discover and watch entertainment content enter the landscape every day. But, what if those consumers could search or browse for shows and movies and get contextual, personalized recommendations across platforms from just one award-winning interface, accessible at home and on-the-go?

Welcome to Fan TV.

The Fan TV Platform delivers powerful, simple and personalized tools to help viewers navigate the new normal across multiple screens by set-top box, streaming device, smartphone, tablet or web, with no additional hardware requirements. With intuitive and robust entertainment discovery capabilities, the platform seamlessly helps subscribers find all kinds of great programming to watch across live TV, video on demand (VOD), DVR and over-the-top (OTT) services.

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A modular platform with flexible delivery 

The Fan TV Platform is available as a set-top operating system, apps, a complete end-to-end solution for a TV Everywhere offering, or as individual APIs to complement existing experiences.

  • Apps: The Fan TV app, available on iOS and Android as well as streaming devices, features an elegant and award-winning user interface, immersive 360 Discovery, WatchList and WatchNow universal discovery aggregation with dynamic monitoring, personalized search and recommendations, and a natural language conversational interface.
  • OS: The platform can power hybrid or IP set-top box hardware, with live TV as the centerpiece. It features an elegant and award-winning user interface, immersive 360 Discovery, WatchList and WatchNow universal discovery aggregation with dynamic monitoring, personalized search and recommendations, and a natural language conversational interface.
  • APIs: The Fan TV Platform’s industry-leading entertainment discovery products, including advanced search, personalized recommendations, and natural language conversational interface, are available as individual APIs to enhance or augment a new or existing solution.

Next-generation entertainment discovery 

With Fan TV, service providers, cable operators, OEMs and app developers can tap into Rovi’s deep well of technological resources to deliver intuitive, universal and  personalized entertainment discovery experiences:

Fan TV Search lets viewers instantly find shows, movies, actors, channels or games; it includes advanced features like incremental, predictive search that provides suggestions real-time as queries are being typed, and understands acronyms, abbreviations and abstract concepts, helping users to connect to what they’re looking for, as quickly as possible.

Fan TV Recommendations provides highly personalized, relevant content suggestions based on collaborative-, profile- and content-based filtering, plus users’ unique behavior, and a dynamic understanding of what’s trending in the real world.

Fan TV Conversation offers an end-to-end voice-based discovery interface that understands spoken language, including follow-up questions, context changes and ambiguous queries. It also takes user preferences, situation, and behavior into account to provide the most highly relevant results tailored by device, location, and time of day - and provides lightning-fast results.

Fan TV 360 Discovery delivers everything your users want to know about a movie or show like images, soundtracks, cast and crew bios, reviews, and trailers in one immersive hub that makes it easier to decide what to to watch and track what they have already seen. Plus, flexible integration opportunities with third parties provides opportunities to customize and expand the experience beyond the TV screen.

WatchList & WatchNow provide universal discovery aggregation across dozens of services, including live TV and VOD, plus dynamic monitoring to let users track movies or shows they are interested in seeing, or cast or directors they like - even recommendations from friends - and get automatic alerts when they become available on any service instantly updated across devices.

Harnessing the power of Rovi Knowledge Graph

Rovi’s Fan TV Platform is built on the Rovi Knowledge Graph engine, a dynamic knowledge base of entertainment metadata capable of understanding trends and conversations. It contains information on more than 100 million entities (program titles, celebrity names, corporate brands, locations, concepts and more) and is constantly evolving and growing smarter every day, enabling hyper-personalized, relevant results.



  • Make it easy for subscribers to find the movies and shows they want to see, wherever they are available.
  • Help subscribers discover relevant content with personalized, intelligent search and recommendations.
  • Enable natural language search that uses normal dialogue and speech patterns, and includes follow-up queries, topic changes and pronouns.  
  • Offer intuitive content and device management features that let consumers manage content and/or devices on the go.
  • Offer universal discovery across live TV, VOD, DVR and OTT. 

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