Interactive high-definition program guide with advanced VOD and DVR capabilities

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Introducing Passport Guide HD

Passport® Guide HD is an innovative interactive program guide (IPG) for service providers that incorporates high-res graphics, comprehensive TV listings, intuitive search, and robust DVR and VOD capabilities. With the introduction of the new HD design, Passport Guide provides the same features and functionality subscribers know, with a modern, widescreen design they expect.


Search, browse and find shows

Passport Guide makes it easy to find shows by time, channel or theme and enables advanced search by title or keyword, allowing subscribers to quickly find favorites to watch or record. 

Extend subscriber engagement

Passport Guide HD supports several additional compatible applications – including Integrated Search, ShowRunner VOD, iSubscribe and Multi-Room DVR – helping to increase value and drive incremental revenue. 



  • Facilitate discovery with comprehensive TV listings, program and cast info, and advanced DVR and VOD capabilities.
  • Provide a modern user interface without needing to replace hardware.
  • Enhance the value of DVR service by helping subscribers schedule recordings remotely, enjoy recorded content in any room and even find and recover* deleted recordings.
  • Drive VOD usage by providing integrated search results across linear TV and your VOD content.
  • Enable over 15 compatible applications, including ShowRunner VOD, iSubscribe, Multi-Room DVR, Harvest, Caller ID, Mosaic, Bill Manager, Weather and more.
  • Establish a foundation for future cloud-based feature upgrades.
*May require separate licensing