The industry's most robust dynamic entertainment metadata solution 

Rovi Knowledge Graph combines the best of human and artificial intelligence – descriptive metadata, high-quality, standardized IDs – plus the ability to catalog the intangible, emotional qualities of content. Containing information on more than 100 million entities, such as program titles, celebrity names, corporate brands, locations, concepts and other elements, Rovi Knowledge Graph is growing smarter every day, continuously searching online sources – particularly news and sports – to identify trends and near real-time changes.

Combines handcrafted metadata and machine learning 

Rovi Knowledge Graph dynamically generates a structured set of meaningful relationships mindful of regional trends and popularity from unstructured data. Unlike most traditional metadata, Rovi not only identifies the relationships between entities and their descriptors, but also provides weights indicating the strength of their association.  



A knowledge graph that's constantly evolving

This deep and refined source of dynamic metadata provides search and recommendations systems with the semantic intelligence needed to help consumers find and enjoy digital video across multiple platforms and devices. It enables content distributors to deliver more accurate search results and recommendations that better anticipate and meet consumer needs. It helps voice search systems understand natural language requests by providing the deep vocabulary needed to organize and identify content. And, Rovi Knowledge Graph provides content producers greater insight into how their content is trending and being received by the market.


  • Facilitate better, smarter and more relevant search results and recommendations.
  • Provide search results and recommendations that anticipate user interests based on what is trending in the outside world.
  • Enable new services that drive user engagement with recommended clips, articles, profile pages and opportunities to purchase media.
  • Get greater insight on how content is trending and being received by the market.
  • Optimize revenue per page on entertainment websites.

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