Engineered to drive content consumption and increase revenue opportunities.

Rovi Cloud Services is an end-to-end content discovery and monetization platform that enables the rapid creation and deployment of entertainment experiences. Facilitated by Rovi Global Services, Rovi Cloud Services includes capabilities that work with both today’s infrastructure and tomorrow’s solutions.


Rovi Cloud Services lets developers, service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and high-tech companies build entertainment applications and services seamlessly via:



Let Rovi Cloud Services help you decrease operational costs through flexible infrastructure and technology, and discover the perfect solution for you and your customers. 


  • Quickly develop and deploy innovative multi-screen services and applications across platforms.
  • Deliver search and recommendations quickly with server-based processing.
  • Create personalized entertainment experiences with Rovi Recommendations Services.
  • Provide up-to-date information with real-time access to Rovi Metadata.
  • Scale entertainment services to meet consumer demand.
  • Enable a personalized experience that is consistent across multiple devices.
  • Only pay for the capacity you need at the time you need it.

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