TV networks and service providers are facing new challenges in understanding their audiences and customers. Given the increasingly complex media landscape, optimizing campaigns by audience and making business decisions based on actual consumer behaviors are critical to success.

Rovi Analytics Solutions address these pain points by leveraging big data to uncover behavioral patterns and provide predictive, actionable insights that maximize TV inventory and services revenue, and increase operational efficiency.


Audience-Driven Media Planning Solutions

Rovi offers end-to-end analytics solutions for building and executing audience-based media plans. Highly accurate, advanced campaign management and media planning capabilities are available with Ad Optimizer and Promo Optimizer, data-agnostic applications that can help predict and target audiences by analyzing viewer behavior and impression inventory.

Solutions for Delivering Actionable Business Insights

With Operator Insights and Subscriber Analytics, Rovi enables data-driven insights and business intelligence to advance operational efficiency, improve the customer experience and profitability, support carriage and bundling decisions, and help mitigate churn.


Solutions for Inventory Owners/TV Networks

For inventory owners and TV networks, reach, ratings and revenue targets are never far from mind. Promo Optimizer and Ad Optimizer can help maximize inventory utilization for both promotional and advertising campaigns, so networks can drive the value of their audiences and hit their numbers.

Solutions for Service Providers

Service providers inherently have access to volumes of subscriber data, but the information alone isn’t compelling. Analytics tools are required to make sense of the data and positively impact marketing, programming and operational initiatives. Rovi offers Operator Insights and Subscriber Analytics to help service providers leverage subscriber data.