Find Hidden Insight in Your Digital Entertainment Metadata

A Recorded Webinar: Presented by Technicolor and Rovi

Join Rovi's VP of Worldwide Entertainment, Gerald Hensley and Digital Entertainment Executive and Technicolor's former Chief Commercial Officer, Chuck Parker for a discussion on how normalized data can help content providers reach their business objectives.

Entertainment content marketers are awash in a sea of data. About the entertainment assets themselves—genres, themes, distribution and more—as well as the demographics of the audiences who consume these assets. And now it's complicated by external data from social media sources such as Facebook and Flixster. How to make sense of it all?

By combining internal reporting with external metadata, marketers can understand the needs and interests of their audience and then provide programming to match. Elements such as genre, theme, mood and more can be accessed, analyzed and applied to identify discrete audience segments and then market to them.

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